Heat Pump Loans

Heat Pumps:

We've taken the sweat out of purchasing an electric heat pump. Contact us today about purchasing an electric heat pump with affordable financing, including no money down, as well as other incentives such as a free inspection. With an electric heat pump, you'll have much more than a comfortable place to live. By utilizing a member of our quality contractors network, who has met certain criteria and standards with a proven track record of successful installations, you'll have peace of mind.

Call (423) 272-8821 or (423) 235-6811 and ask to speak to someone about the heat pump program.  A representative will explain the heat pump application process and answer any questions. The application takes just a couple of minutes and can be completed over the phone. When submitted, the application will pull up your credit score. If the score is within the acceptable limit, you qualify for the financing program. The interest rate on the heat pump financing is at six percent (6%) if you install a unit that has at least a 14 SEER efficiency rating.  To print out an application to submit, please click here.

To view a list of the TVA Certified Contractors, please click here.